Trademark Management Group Presents Tips for Sharpening Your Memory

Do you find that as soon as you are introduced to someone, you suddenly forget the person’s name? Perhaps you saw a story on TV about a mobile app, but now can’t remember what it was. Our marketing specialists at Trademark Management Group know how important it is to retain even the smallest details. Here are few techniques we employ to help us remember:

• Association Game: When you are in a meeting or a conference, absorb your surroundings as well as the information you are receiving. Look at the colors and layout of the room. Take in the scents, the noise, and the overall atmosphere. Later, when you need to recall information, you can transport yourself back to the setting to revisit the conversation or actions. Similarly, you can match a name with something familiar. For example, if you are introduced to Mr. Hopkins, you may think of hopping, as in what rabbits do. Mentally attach the image of a rabbit to Mr. Hopkins to commit his name to memory.

• Repeat Information Several Times: One method we use at Trademark Management Group is to restate important details several times to commit them to memory. When we meet someone for the first time, we try to use his or her name at least twice during the first few sentences in a conversation. Similarly, if we need to retain information about where something is stored, we may repeat the location five or six times.

• Create a List of Similar Items: In this case, you write down not just the name of the item you want to recollect later, but others of a similar nature. For example, if you need to remember a store name, you would list it with stores you are already familiar with in a related category, like shoes or clothing. This helps you to recall based on categorization, much like the spelling lists you completed in grade school.

Retaining information is easier when you repeat, associate, and list what you need to remember later. Try these techniques to retain more of what you learn every day!