Trademark Management Group Presents Obstacles to Watch Out for When Scaling Your Company

Once you’ve faced and survived the challenge of starting your business, the next item on your agenda is to make your company grow. It’s a process we have gone through and continue to go through here at Trademark Management Group, and as such, we have identified a few of the most common roadblocks that interfere with scaling initiatives.

You Want to be in Control: Many entrepreneurs mistakenly try to grow their organizations in such a way that they will be able to exert more control, but doing so requires you to be at work more often to exert said control. It is better to scale with internal systems in place that allow the business to run itself, without your direct involvement.

You are Not Your Business: While they might not want to admit it, many entrepreneurs find their identities in their businesses, and cannot imagine a world where those businesses do not require them. Take some time to develop a clear picture in your mind of what your life will be like when your business is too big for you to be involved in every facet of its operations, and you will be that much closer to achieving it.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion: What’s true of physical objects is true of your organization: a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force. You must stop outside forces from slowing your business down, as you manage the internal force that propels it forward.

Give up the illusion of control, find an identity outside of your business, and fight against inertial forces to move your business to the next level.