Trademark Management Group Presents How to Train When You’re Busy

At Trademark Management Group, we believe there’s always something to learn, whether it is acquiring a new skill or perfecting one we’ve previously mastered. While the desire to acquire knowledge is always present, often the time we need to devote is more precious. Therefore, we’ve employed some creative options for learning on-the-go that we would like to share with you:

Find a Platform That Works for You: Select a knowledge transfer method that best suits your learning style. With more websites devoted to e-Learning, you can train on your own time. YouTube often has videos available for free, while other sites have more structured offerings, including skills assessments and opportunities to practice. You may even be able to access online learning through a gaming system, such as X-Box, and view or play on a big screen TV from the comfort of your home. Trademark Management Group’s marketing specialists are encouraged to spend at least some time each week engaged in skills attainment.

Maximize Downtime: If you use public transportation to commute, this is a prime time to listen to a podcast or read up on the latest trends in the industry. Longer travels by train or plane offer time to absorb even more information. Similarly, if you are home on a leave or illness, and time or energy permits, this can be an ideal occasion to learn about and practice a new talent.

Invest in Break Times: Yes, lunch breaks and weekends are times to refresh and regroup. However, if you’re lacking in time, and increasing your abilities could make a difference in moving forward in your career, consider this time an investment, not a sacrifice. You can train in a more comfortable atmosphere, with fewer distractions, such as your home. You could also make learning a group activity and facilitate a brown bag roundtable, in which you and your colleagues share best practices or even invite an expert to present.

Finding time to engage in learning may take some creativity, but the effort spent will be worth it in the end.