Trademark Management Group Presents Banishing Negativity

Negativity in an office is like a disease. Not only is it damaging, it’s communicable. Once one person starts to complain or gossip, others follow. Therefore, our Trademark Management Group offers these tips for turning your company culture into one of positivity:

Encourage Open Discussions: Disagreements and conflict are always part of workplace dynamics. However, if you make an effort to encourage individuals to use this conflict to respect and understand each other’s positions and work toward a solution, you’ll be channeling this energy in a more positive direction than if the conflict is buried and hard feelings are allowed to fester.

Embrace the Positive: While every company benefits from a devil’s advocate who can highlight the potential flaws in a strategy, positivity should be one of the core values that the team embraces. To accomplish this, empower your team to be innovative in problem solving. Let mistakes be learning experiences. Add in some fun to break up the routine. You should see a shift in your company culture. If after these efforts you still find individuals who are infusing negativity, commit to releasing them as they no longer fit the company’s values.

Be Transparent: Certain information, like human resources issues, must remain confidential. However, other information pertaining to company goals, strategies, and related issues should be transparent and communicated as clearly and frequently as possible. Without strong two-way communication channels, you risk leaving people out of the loop, at which point they’ll turn to their own imagination for answers. This is where negativity breeds fastest.

As Trademark Management Group’s managers note, it is possible to achieve a positive culture. Open dialogue, transparency, and an emphasis on the constructive are the keys.