Trademark Management Group on Maximizing Productive Hours

Studies have consistently pointed to the first two hours of the day, beginning when you awake, as being generally the most productive. Your energy level is at its highest following a restful sleep. The problem, as these studies identify, is that most people do not utilize this time effectively. Our team at Trademark Management Group would like to offer some ideas to help you maximize this time.

First, start in the evening by creating a task list for the next day. The logic here is that when you awake, you can begin to tackle the items on this list, some even as you wait for your coffee to brew. Specifically, you may wish to consider working on tasks that require more brain power and energy, while reserving the smaller, menial tasks for when your energy ebbs. Avoid checking social media and emails immediately so that you’re fully devoted to these tasks.

If you can coordinate with your managers, you may wish to use this time to work remotely, especially if you have a long commute. If this isn’t possible, consider arriving earlier at the office. If you use public transportation, consider using this time for learning or work.

To provide you with an additional boost, our team at Trademark Management Group suggests you include a brief workout in your morning routine and be sure to hydrate with a full glass of ice water when you awaken. Both will get your blood circulating faster so that you can maintain that energy level longer.

Start tonight with your list and wake up tomorrow ready to make your day productive.