Trademark Management Group Doesn’t Just Focus on Sales to Grow Our Business

At Trademark Management Group, we are always seeking to aggressively grow our business. This is because we realize that getting too comfortable with where we currently are will lead to us falling behind. We are by no means alone in this endeavor; many professionals aspire to grow their businesses. However, we are in a select few who do not think only about sales.


Thinking only about sales is a common and understandable mistake that many small business leaders make. Unfortunately, this mentality is simply not a complete picture. Often, trying to increase sales will actually stunt the growth of a business. This is because it boils customers down to numbers and neglects their individuality.


The first thing you should do is connect with your existing clientele. This group has already bought into your value proposition and likely will be willing to purchase more from you. Try segmenting them into several groups based on purchasing behavior in order to target your follow up communication more precisely.


Also consider connecting with your existing customers to learn more about their experiences. This can be done with a survey or with an in-person follow up. Doing so will provide valuable insight into the stories of your customers and users. This process will not only allow you to work with existing customers better but will also help you with pitching your value proposition to new prospects.


If you are trying to grow your business, start by interacting with your existing customers. By targeting them individually, you can greatly improve your relationships and increase your revenues.