Three Great Leadership Traits from Trademark Management Group

What sets well-liked leaders apart from the rest? At Trademark Management Group, we have found that, in addition to being hard-working team players, great leaders share a few abilities that inspire more trust from those they encounter:

They Gather Details, Then Act: Being reactionary is not the trait of a good leader. Instead, leadership requires asking detailed questions and gathering as much information as possible before rendering a decision. This saves them from backing down from a decision later because they were not given all the facts. However, once the details are in place, it’s critical that leaders act. Leaders who are not decisive or are reluctant to take action at all are ineffective.

They Listen and Empathize: As Trademark Management Group’s team notes, good leaders would prefer to listen to what their team and their customers have to say, rather than do all the talking. Similarly, they want to know how people are feeling as they are genuinely concerned about others. For example, they’ll ask questions phrased not to ask how a project is going, but how those working on the project feel the project is proceeding and what would they do differently.

They’re Curious: One mark that sets exceptional leaders apart from others is that they are always inquisitive and interested in learning more. As a result, they also inspire those around them to investigate, to discover, and to actively seek knowledge. More importantly, a leader who is always ready to learn is also open to important feedback and details that can make a difference in company performance and team morale.

If you aspire to be a great leader whom others confidently follow, incorporate these behaviors into your routine.