Frequently Asked Questions

Would I be able to conduct a phone or a Skype interview?

No, currently our hiring managers do not conduct phone or Skype interviews. They prefer to meet candidates in person in order fully understand a person’s character and personality.

Would I be able to work independently or work from home as a marketing/ sales rep?

No. At Trademark Management Group our company’s success and philosophy is built on teamwork. Whether it is team-building activities like laser tag and basketball, extra training in the office, or playing Mario Kart in the boss’s office, we feel that employee relationships and an amazing work environment are #1 in creating a great team. Furthermore it is very difficult for an individual to grow personally or professionally if they are not around their managers or trainers every day.

What is proper interview attire?

Business professional.

Ok.. now the tough stuff,  what is the compensation with the company?

Office based positions are paid on a salary basis.

Sales and marketing reps are all given the choice of whether they would prefer a base salary + commission structure (receiving a smaller commission per sale) or a full commission structure (receiving a larger commission per sale) 35-55k

All assistant management and management positions are paid on a salary + bonus structure.

All final numbers are to be determined by our hiring staff.

Will I ever have the ability to change down the road if I ever wanted to switch pay structures as a sales rep?

Yes. Changing is very common in our company. Many of our people have chosen to start out on the base plus commission structure while developing their skills and then once the felt very comfortable with the sales process and the knowledge of the products they transitioned over to the more lucrative full commission structure.

(Also there is 2 weeks of paid training for all new hires)

Health insurance is available after the standard 90-day waiting period. Once either in an Asst. Manager or Director position full medical, dental, and life insurance are available.

Retirement savings plans are available after 1 year with the company.

Sales reps on the Inspire Energy campaign receive a Samsung Galaxy Tablets with unlimited wireless access to use in order to assist with research for customers.

Gas reimbursement is provided by our company when goals are met.

Many of our clients own suites and have tickets to all major sporting events in the New Jersey/ New York City area. These are often given to us as bonus incentives for our reps.

In a given year there are several opportunities for our team members to travel. Some of the trips are for business and some are for fun. On a yearly basis, we do R&R trips: Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, etc. for account managers and directors. (Pictured below was our trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico and Atlantis Bahamas)