Customize Your Career Path With Trademark Management Group

If you are searching for an opportunity to produce meaningful work for a company that rewards dedication and excellence, join the team at Trademark Management Group. You will find here that anything is possible, and that even the most ambitious goals can be achieved with us.

At Trademark Management Group, we provide an in-depth training program that allows you to learn as you grow. With four unique company levels, we offer opportunities for everyone, regardless of their ultimate career objectives.

Client Representative

In this position, you will establish trustworthy and impactful relationships with every customer that you meet. You will be partnered with more experienced team members to learn our effective communication techniques, allowing you to thrive as you facilitate engaging on-site promotions and champion our clients’ brands.

Management Training

Promising executives are given the chance to share their knowledge and experience with others through this dynamic training program. This is an exciting opportunity to connect with less experienced team members. It is also essential to our success as a firm, because when we work together, we can achieve greater results.

Assistant Manager

At this level, you really learn the fundamentals of great leadership. Assistant managers oversee their own group of executives while leading meetings, developing team goals, and developing the necessary skills to move into a full management role. Our assistant managers make a substantial impact on the growth of the company.

Assistant Directorship

At this level, you have progressed to the top and are now ready to lead your own team through the four levels. We look for executives who show exceptional accountability, responsibility, and leadership, and to reward these individuals we offer exciting opportunities to establish client relationships in new markets and design their own successful marketing strategies. By the time you reach this point, there is nothing that is out of reach for you.

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