Welcome to Trademark Management Group

At Trademark Management Group we’re a team of enthusiastic, lead generating professionals who are continually looking for ways to boost the home improvement industry. From our unique in-person promotions and marketing campaigns, we’re able to establish transactional relationships with customers while representing our client’s brand. It is our goal to see our brands continue to grow, month after month, through the excellence of our team.

We’re On a Mission to Grow

Every quarter Trademark Management Group sees consistent expansion. In order for us to continually meet the expectations of our customers, we need to create a powerful group of team leaders. Our growth-oriented training system is effective and proven. Team members hired on with Trademark Management Group are challenged to use their natural enthusiasm and intuitiveness to continually learn and progress. By doing so, Trademark Management Group team members can enjoy constant advancement and career growth opportunities with our company. We feel that a team persistently striving to improve is a win-win for everyone — including the clients, company, and team members.

What We’re All About at Trademark Management Group

Here at Trademark Management Group, we are a team of lead generation and marketing professionals who are driven to offer customers direct sales and customer acquisition services to boost results for clients in the home improvement industry. The industry is competitive, but we embrace that thanks to our innovative sales techniques and inviting marketing approach. Over the years we’ve seen extensive expansion and we’re always looking for new opportunities to build our team members into tomorrow’s leaders. We’re a step ahead of the industry at every turn.

We Grow From Innovative Brand Management

Trademark Management Group represents some of the leading brands in the home improvement industry. We transform the objectives of our clients into strategies for marketing that are highly effective. By using this innovative blueprint, we can develop a direct sales and in-person marketing approach that helps our sales team reach amazing results.

We know the demands of the home improvement industry and we know what our clients expect when it comes to lead generation and sales. Our team members exceed those expectations and ensure our clients are more than satisfied with the results of their marketing campaigns with Trademark Management Group In order to exceed our clients’ expectations, we continually work with our sales team members to help them build extensive knowledge of the industry and graduate them into leadership roles to promote in-house growth.

It’s All About the Customer’s Experience

Home improvement customers benefit every day from Trademark Management Group’s in-person marketing campaigns by receiving prices and expertise not found in your average retail store. We feel that giving customers a hands-on, memorable experience with products and services we promote, we increase the likelihood they’ll make a purchase and feel satisfied with that transaction.

In order for our customers to receive an exemplary experience, we need to create exemplary sales team members. Our sales and marketing team members are trained in the art of establishing solid custom relationships and developing comfortable buying environments. We ensure that each team member is well-versed in the products we’re promoting and use unique presentations to increase a customer’s need to make a purchase on the spot and return for more purchases in the future.

Career Growth Opportunities at Every Turn

We know that the consistent expansion of our business, sales growth for our clients, and our exemplar customer satisfaction level wouldn’t be possible without the team of sales professionals at Trademark Management Group That is why we offer continuing opportunities for advancement and growth that helps our team members achieve new levels in the sales industry. As each team member works through our mentorship program, they achieve a new level of personal and professional growth. Trademark Management Group looks at our careers as a journey and we strive to mentor each sales team professional through that journey and turn them into spectacular leaders in the future.

Trademark Management Group’s Client Portfolio

Our sales and marketing team is known for our ability to push in-person promotional campaigns to the next level. That is why we represent some of the biggest home improvement brands in the country, including some Fortune 100 brands. By using innovative sales techniques, combined with our teamwork approach, we deliver our home improvement clients consistent, reliable results every time. Our list is evidence of our success.